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Cleveland protesters against trump wall

Immigration Politics: Trump’s Disturbing Plans

This election season, we have heard some disturbing ideas regarding the future of immigration policy in our country. Donald Trump has proposed the following on his website: Mexico must pay for the border wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees […]

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Woman holding her son

Urgent: Help a Woman Stay With Her Kids

We just received a message (see below) from America’s Voice Education Fund regarding a woman in our community who desperately needs our help. We encourage you to take action on behalf of her and her family! Thank you. Angelica Maria Saldaña could be deported tomorrow. She needs our help right now!   Angelica is a […]

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Family in detention

ICE Abuses: On the Mistreatment of Immigrants

This week, more evidence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) abuses has been uncovered. In order to find out more about conditions in detention centers (where undocumented immigrants are essentially jailed while they wait to find out if they will be deported), 23-year-old undocumented activist Santiago Garcia voluntarily submitted to detention in order to observe […]

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Personas esperando la ley 245(i) deben mudarse a Oklahoma

Además de buscar soluciones prácticas para inmigrar sin salir de los Estados Unidos, miembros de la comunidad hispana estadounidense debe de seguir presionando a los políticos estadounidenses con el fin de solucionar el problema de estatus migratorio a familias inmigrantes. Además, se agilizaría el acto de sueño (Dream Act), permisos para trabajadores agrícolas, y nuevas […]

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Alabama is Persecuting Hispanics instead of Creating Jobs for the People of Alabama

America is witnessing a new phase in the U. S.  immigration world:  state laws which allow local enforcement to act as federal agents and directly enforce federal   immigration laws.  Many debates are emerging as to why states like Alabama should enact these types of laws.  Those in favor claim it is simply to preserve jobs […]

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Start-Up America: A two-in-one tool to invest and work in the United States

In an August 2011 press release, representatives of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced initiatives that would promote start-up enterprises and create jobs in the U.S. This was going to be done through a program called Start-Up America, an initiative to promote entrepreneurship in the country. It was started six years ago, but only […]

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Hijos que adquieren la ciudadanía norteamericana automaticamente

Muchos hijos de ciudadanos estadounidenses que se encuentran viviendo en otros países y que desean obtener su residencia permanente o ciudadanía americana, muchas veces no saben adónde pedir ayuda. Por lo tanto, el tema de hoy lo enfocaré en el caso de Agustín Brown, un joven quien nació en México, de padre norteamericano. El padre […]

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Death of a Petitioner or Principal Beneficiary and What it Means for Surviving Relatives

The world of immigration consists largely of visa petitions filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  These visa petitions require a qualified individual, known as petitioner, to petition for an eligible alien, known as the beneficiary.  There are two types of beneficiaries: a principal beneficiary, such as the wife of a qualified petitioner, […]

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