Adjustment of Status

At our law firm we focus in making the process of Adjustment of Status (AOS) available for you. One way to obtain a Green Card is by applying for AOS. The advantage of AOS is that you do not have to leave the United States in order to get your Green Card. Not everyone who is petitioned by a qualified relative or employer is eligible for AOS even if you are married to or are the child of a U.S. citizen.

You should be aware that if you entered the United States illegally or have failed to maintain your legal status you are prohibited from AOS unless you qualify for certain exceptions.

We excel in finding a way for you to qualify for one of these exceptions.

Solving complicated cases is our strength if:

  • You entered the United States legaly but lost your passport or I-94?
  • You were petitioned after April 30, 2001?
  • Your parents received their Green Cards but you were left out because you turned 21 years of age?
  • You do not qualify because your petitioning relative does not make enough money?
  • You were told that you do not qualify because you were deported before April 1, 1997?

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