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Children protest deportation of Israeli-born children of foreign workers outside the Prime Minister

What To Do Immediately If You Might Get Deported

If you are detained or face a deportation removal hearing, what should you do? Call us. You need to call an immigration lawyer as quickly as you can. You may be told that you can file a voluntary departure notice with the Department of Homeland Security, which means you are volunteering to remove yourself from […]

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Why Our Leaders Need to Grant TPS to Venezuelans Now

For years now, Venezuelans have been clinging to survival while their corrupt leaders have pushed them ever closer to the edge. Venezuela’s leaders have feasted on the nation’s resources and squandered the rest while the average citizen has lost access to food staples, medicine, and toilet paper among other daily necessities. Some have died; others […]

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dallas international film festival bolivar's heart

Film Premiere of “Bolivar’s Heart” at Dallas International Film Festival

“Bolivar’s Heart” director Leonel Gonzalez, producer Margaret Donnelly, and lead actress Amellali Santana This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the sold-out premiere of a penetrating film called “Bolivar’s Heart” at the Dallas International Film Festival. An adaptation of author Margaret Donnelly’s historical novel by the same name, the film was an artistic […]

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children separated from parents

Updated Information About The U.S. Immigration Crisis

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a spike in outrage over the separation of immigrant children from their parents at the U.S. border. Particularly horrifying are the reports that the children were being kept in cages, as if they are dogs. To be clear, our office has been speaking out against the practice […]

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Tamale-making as a unifying activity

Tamales for Trump: An Invitation

  The spread of tamales as an important, popular food throughout North and South America bears witness to the connection shared by the people of the Americas. The tamale is a culinary testament to the fact that we have been moving across borders and sharing recipes or hundreds, and in some parts, thousands of years. […]

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