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Could Trump’s Border Wall Actually Be a Good Idea?

  In the past, we have decried Trump’s border wall proposal, railing against it as an unworkable plan that holds potential to trash our diplomatic relations with Mexico while putting our nation’s food security at risk and threatening the health of industry. Today, after reading plans submitted by entities that want to actually get the […]

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families of immigrant hunger strikers

Hunger-Striking Immigrants Fight for Justice

When you think of what you most value about our country, what comes to mind? Most of us would say our freedoms. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The freedom promised by a justice system that says we are innocent until proven guilty. The freedom to participate in our democracy and protest when we […]

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parent and children immigrants

Victory for Immigrant Families

This week, we are celebrating a victory in the fight for the rights of immigrant children. Thanks to Judge Dolly Gee, a federal judge in Los Angeles, immigrant children will soon be released from U.S. detention centers. According to Cindy Carcamo of the Los Angeles Times, the ruling, released Friday evening, said that children should […]

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