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families of immigrant hunger strikers

Hunger-Striking Immigrants Fight for Justice

When you think of what you most value about our country, what comes to mind? Most of us would say our freedoms. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The freedom promised by a justice system that says we are innocent until proven guilty. The freedom to participate in our democracy and protest when we […]

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On the Culture, Politics and Spirits of Venezuela

More terrible news out of Venezuela. Last week, two more protesters were killed, this time by masked gunmen who were riding motorcycles with a pro-government militia, firing into the crowd at random. Since February’s inception of Venezuelan student protests against the government which has provoked a sustained response of violence, torture, murder and disappearances, author […]

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No dictatorship SOS Venezuela protest sign

Seeking Protection in the U.S.: What Venezuelans Need to Know

As the violence associated with protests in Venezuela continues, it is extremely important for Venezuelans who need refuge in the United States to know their options. Unfortunately, we have heard reports this week of misinformation and misunderstandings regarding legal protections available to Venezuelans in the U.S. This bad information could cause these people who desperately […]

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