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Tamale-making as a unifying activity

Tamales for Trump: An Invitation

  The spread of tamales as an important, popular food throughout North and South America bears witness to the connection shared by the people of the Americas. The tamale is a culinary testament to the fact that we have been moving across borders and sharing recipes or hundreds, and in some parts, thousands of years. […]

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Immigration Outlook with Donald Trump as President

Since we found out the results of the presidential election earlier this month, our law practice has been flooded with people who are worried about what a Trump presidency might mean for immigrants. Will people who escaped domestic violence or war be forced to return to these situations? Will people who were brought here as […]

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migration vs immigration

Rethinking Our Immigration System: Moving Beyond Borders

Have you ever thought about the differences between immigration and migration? Since we grew up in a world with strict immigration rules, it’s easy to accept that it’s a normal institution without ever stopping to question its existence. Until I spent time pondering the subject today, I had never thought much about just how strange […]

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statue of liberty crying

Why Building a Wall on the Border Will Not Work

Immigration has been one of this year’s hot button topics. Immigration policy has sparked arguments and division amongst friends and family. Politicians and Presidential-hopefuls have gathered supporters or alienated crowds based on the way they believe immigrants and refugees should be treated. The country of Guatemala has actually banned Donald Trump based on his “racist” […]

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