Press Release: Margaret A. Donnelly, P.C. Leads Dallas Workplace Zero Waste Movement


Margaret A. Donnelly, P.C. Leading the Dallas Workplace Permaculture Revolution

DALLAS, TX/USA – March 23, 2014 – Over the last year Dallas immigration attorney Margaret A. Donnelly’s office and grounds have been transformed with permaculture, a system of ecological design focusing on sustainability and efficiency. This office is on track to produce net zero waste, setting an example for area businesses that would like to maximize efficiency and resources while earning recognition for earth-friendly practices.

“It just makes economic sense to be more efficient. Setting the goal of zero waste spurred our office to evaluate the areas where we could make positive changes which benefit our firm and the world-at-large.”

John Bush, permaculture designer and founder of Dallas-based zero waste business development firm Adbongo, Inc., re-designed the landscaping and worked with the office to create workable zero waste solutions tailored to the needs of the office staff.

Changes implemented by Mr. Bush include: office recycling; permaculture landscaping that allows the property to retain more water underground and strategically placed rain barrels (water conservation); edible landscaping which includes fruit trees and bean plants (homegrown food reduces carbon footprint by cutting out oil, gas and packaging used when produce is store bought); compost bucket in the office kitchen (diverts waste from the landfill and produces fertilizer); more digital marketing as opposed to paper marketing and more.  


Margaret A. Donnelly, PC recently adopted the goal of zero waste as part of the firm’s larger purpose-driven mission of “Uniting Families”. Three years ago, the law practice adopted a cause-based approach to business. They decided to measure success based on the triple bottom line (how the business impacts people and the planet in addition to making a profit). Since implementing the triple bottom line, they have opened two new offices (Fort Worth and Lewisville) and created two new jobs.

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About Margaret A. Donnelly, PC:  Originally from Venezuela, Margaret A. Donnelly moved to the U.S. and became a citizen at age 15. Today she heads three immigration law practices in the DFW area (Dallas, Fort Worth and Lewisville). Donnelly is also the author of three books: The Spirits of Venezuela, The Song of the Goldencocks (a Latino International Book Awards winner) and The Path of Lord Jaguar.

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