SOS sign held by Venezuelan protester

Press Release: Attorney Margaret A. Donnelly Will Hold Press Conference Advocating for the Venezuelan People

SOS sign held by Venezuelan protester


DFW Attorney Margaret Donnelly to hold press conference advocating for human rights

DALLAS, TX/USA – March 3, 2014 – Dallas immigration attorney Margaret A. Donnelly will hold a press conference to advocate for temporary protected status for Venezuelans who have overstayed their visas and, therefore, find themselves in a legal quagmire because they cannot go home during the current violent situation in Venezuela. Donnelly will also ask the U.S. Congress to move in favor of an economic embargo against President Nicolas Maduro’s government rather than military measures.

“We must act immediately to offer protection to the Venezuelan people, who are currently saddled with an abusive, murderous regime,” says Donnelly. A Venezuelan native (U.S. citizen father and Venezuelan mother) who moved to the United States at age 15, Ms. Donnelly is well-versed in political, social and economic issues regarding Venezuela.

On February 12 Venezuelan students began protesting against the profound economic and social crises faced by the nation, under the leadership of President Maduro. The homicide rate is five times higher since the current leftist regime took power in 1998. 90% of these murders go unpunished. Even though Venezuela is one of the world’s top oil producers, the people are severely impoverished. People wait in line for hours to get a chance to purchase limited quantities of basic staples and necessities. The annual inflation rate is over 56% and growing.

The government’s response to the protests has been brutal: since the protests began hundreds of Venezuelans have gone missing and dozens have been killed. Unarmed Venezuelans are being tear gassed and shot at with live rounds, simply for speaking out against the government. Hundreds have been imprisoned, beaten and tortured. With no witnesses, proof or trial, Harvard educated opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has been imprisoned and indicted on charges that include terrorism and criminal incitement.

Donnelly will give an insider perspective on these issues and more at the press conference.

Video detailing the current situation in Venezuela: Venezuela March 2014

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About Margaret A. Donnelly, PC:  Originally from Venezuela, Margaret A. Donnelly moved to the U.S. and became a citizen at age 15. Today she heads three immigration law practices in the DFW area (Dallas, Fort Worth and Lewisville). Donnelly is also the author of three books: The Spirits of Venezuela, The Song of the Goldencocks (a Latino International Book Awards winner) and The Path of Lord Jaguar.

Press conference information: Date, time and location forthcoming.

To schedule an interview with Margaret Donnelly to discuss this or other immigration issues, please contact her office at 214-630-9511.


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