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A Bigger Picture of the Venezuelan Threat: What Americans Need to Know Right Now

Earlier this week multiple news outlets reported that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is threatening the U.S. with war. Upset by President Trump’s ban disallowing Venezuelan officials from entering the country, Maduro reportedly stated, “We have been shamelessly threatened by the most criminal empire that ever existed and we have the obligation to prepare ourselves to […]

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immigrants sworn in as citizens

Happening Now: The Murder of the Venezuelan People

Venezuela is starving. In a May 7 Wall Street Journal article, Juan Ferero describes this horror: Hordes of people, many with children in tow, rummage through garbage, an uncommon sight a year ago. People in the countryside pick farms clean at night, stealing everything from fruits hanging on trees to pumpkins on the ground, adding […]

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Could Trump’s Border Wall Actually Be a Good Idea?

  In the past, we have decried Trump’s border wall proposal, railing against it as an unworkable plan that holds potential to trash our diplomatic relations with Mexico while putting our nation’s food security at risk and threatening the health of industry. Today, after reading plans submitted by entities that want to actually get the […]

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Preparing for the event at the Bush Center

The Best in Dallas Literary Events: Celebrating Simon Bolivar’s Legacy at the Bush Center

                  Do you like to think about important issues that deeply affect people? Do you enjoy thought-provoking conversation? If your answers are “yes,” then you will love the gathering of intellectuals, leaders, and people who know how to have a great time that is coming up next week. On Thursday April 6 at the George […]

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